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2018 - Bring it On

No New Anything in 2018 !

To be honest I'm not much of a resolution person. I believe, one day or even few hours is enough for a person to start or decide on something and go for it, provided that they are 100% convinced. 

However few weeks ago, a friend in our mothers group shared and article on a person who did no buying for one year. For me, it felt like the universe was sending me a reminder. A reminder to embark on something i tried and failed. 

Somewhere mid last year I watched few youtube talks on fashion pollution. I felt bad as I shop quite often and then decided on imposing a shopping ban on myself. I did ok for around two months, then i felt happy and decided to reward myself. First with one items, then 3 and then to "oh well it doesnt matter". My reasoning was that i didn't really cause 'pollution'. Almost all my donated clothes that i give out are given to the needy and i usually wear an item for years before donating. The videos i watched was about…

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