Grateful for the changes that are coming.
The ones i do not see
And the ones I do not understand.
Grateful for the heart,
who believes that all is for the best
And that the best is yet to come

----------------  DG

Who Made My Clothes? #WhoMadeMyClothes


For the Love of Batik


2018 - Bring it On

No New Anything in 2018 !

To be honest I'm not much of a resolution person. I believe, one day or even few hours is enough for a person to start or decide on something and go for it, provided that they are 100% convinced. 

However few weeks ago, a friend in our mothers group shared and article on a person who did no buying for one year. For me, it felt like the universe was sending me a reminder. A reminder to embark on something i tried and failed. 

Somewhere mid last year I watched few youtube talks on fashion pollution. I felt bad as I shop quite often and then decided on imposing a shopping ban on myself. I did ok for around two months, then i felt happy and decided to reward myself. First with one items, then 3 and then to "oh well it doesnt matter". My reasoning was that i didn't really cause 'pollution'. Almost all my donated clothes that i give out are given to the needy and i usually wear an item for years before donating. The videos i watched was about…
Top 5 of My Fave Local Brands 
Thanks to social media we are seeing so many awesome local brands make it to stardom, while some are high end and awesome, today I’m focusing on 5 of my favorite local brands that don’t break the bank!  Most of them I have found thanks to social media and super happy with my purchases from them. So here it goes.. 
1.Thirteen.Thirtyone @thirteen.thirtyone
Fresh and great fitting with good finishing and you totally get your moneys worth. Delivery is on time and although I have not returned any goods I have ordered, I doubt it would be a hassle as their service has been great.

2.Fashion Market @fashionmarketlk
Great customer service and a good collection of talented local designers.  Nithya has been my fave so far and got to say recent dress I got by Sajee also is a fave.

3.Dillys @dillyandcarlo

A firm favorite for years. Not a place I go shopping every month but the pieces I have got so far are often complimented and always once of a kind.

4.Cane Couture @ca…

Budget friendly family outings

Just thought of sharing bits and bobs of our outing for any readers with smaller kids and are looking for child friendly places. 

Yesterday we decided on taking a break from our usual picnics and beach outing to visit the fish and bird park at kelaniya. Last we visited was when daughter was about two years old. 
Entrance is Rs 280 for adults and kids half price and kids below 3 enter free. They are open till 5 on all days. 
There is quite a variety and the birds seem well taken care of, unlike the dehiwala zoo where u just want to cry when u see the animals. 
The have a small play area for kids after the fish area is done , and a sitting area as well as cafeteria where u can enjoy a snack while looking at the kelani river. 
The bird park is next and leads to exit . 
It took us 1.5hours and was worth the drive. 

All details in site :

Get off my shoulder !

This blog post is late as I have been meaning to write on this fantastic trend for sometime , although late, yet decided to write and share this as this is a style you can actually carry off well in SL without being stared too much.
If the thought of showing cleavage or baring your midriff makes you cringe, try an off-the-shoulder frock on for size. They’re sexy in a sophisticated, old-school glamour kind of way. And they’re flattering to a variety of body types (which is more than we can say of a lot of dress trends).
The best thing is that many of the local design houses are carry some lovely options . An off shoulder top can be paired with Jeans or skirts while an off shoulder dress can give an instant Glam to a night out.
This is definitely a style im digging at the moment :D Finally something that not so skinny girls can off ..
Check Shay International, Dillys, Mondy for some lovely selections . Here are some lovely inspirations for you to work on ! Go on, show some shoulder :D